Thursday, March 11, 2010


The past couple of weeks have been filled with wonderful and not so wonderful things. First, the wonderful. Hiwot's paperwork is complete and she is now able to be filed for court. The next step will be to receive a court date.
Now for the less than wonderful news. There is still no news on the boys. We have no idea how close they are to being filed for court. Also, there has been a change in both the US embassy and Ethiopia's processes. Up until this week the time frame between passing court and receiving your children was 4-8 weeks. There will now be a few extra weeks to allow the embassy time to form their own adoption investigation. This is of course not ideal, but the changes that Ethiopia has made are even bigger. Before, parent's were not required to go to Ethiopia until it was time to pick up there children. As of yesterday, Ethiopia is requiring parent's to also make a trip to the child's court hearing. Very little is know as to how this will effect all of us. It is understandably causing a lot of stress among the Ethiopian adoption community. I love to travel, but four trips to Ethiopia does not sound fun at all. We are in need of a lot of prayer right now. Here are our main requests:
-For Chera and Kenenisa's paperwork to be completed and filed for court
-For Hiwot to receive a court date and stay healthy
-More and clear information regarding the changes
Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and prayers!