Saturday, April 24, 2010

New info on the boys

I am absolutely horrible at this blogging thing. We have good news about the boys for a little while, and I still haven't shared it here. If I have seen you, you already know about this, but we have a lot of family out of town. A couple of weeks ago, we found out that all of Chera and Keneisa's paper work has been complete and they were filed for court! Better yet, they were filed on the same day as Hiwot. We were not expecting this at all. Since November, we knew that there was an issue with their paperwork. We had no idea what it was or when it would get resolved. When this happened, the orphanage had found out that some of the other kids were actually un-adoptable, so we had a fear that an issue similar to that would come up. This was an amazing blessing for us. Especially since they were all three filed at the same time. Ethiopia is so un-structured, we really didn't have any hope that they would go through the courts at the same time. It is not definite that we will get them at the same time, but it is looking possible now.
In an earlier blog I mentioned changes in the Ethiopian process. To sum it up, Ethiopia is now requiring parents to make two trips. One trip will be at the court date and the next will be 3-10 weeks later when you pick up your child. The details and effective date of this new law has changed a great deal over the past couple of months. At this point, it looks like anyone who has not been seen by the court before May 9th will have to make two trips. There is no way to know if we will have a court date before then or not. They seem to be trying there best to get as many people through as possible. If one or both of us does have to travel twice, we will deal with it. Everything happens for a reason. Please keep us in our prayers, we would love to have a court date soon!