Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Airport Arrival

As most of you know, adoption airport celebrations are pretty fun. A few people have asked when Justin will be back with the boys. He will be arriving on Saturday at 4:00. They have very little time to get to their plane in Chicago. Lots of prayers that their plane from Washington is on time. Check the blog on Saturday and I will post if I know he is running late.

Since I haven't seen the boys in a while, I would ask that instead of meeting at security, it would be great if everyone could meet downstairs at the bottom of the escalators. I could get a gate pass, but taking a double stroller and two kids through security is difficult. Thank you to everyone for understanding!

Also, for the first few days we will be "cocooning" with our new family. Coming home is going to be an exciting, overwhelming and new experience for the boys. This will give them a little time to adjust and help us to provide a stable and consistent environment. We ask that everyone saves their visits until we have had a little family time. This doesn't apply to people bringing meals! We really need you to come! :)

Here are some great pics from Zoey's airport arrival.

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